Planned preventative maintenance (PPM), also commonly referred to as planned or scheduled maintenance, is fundamentally a scheduled maintenance procedure, set out to guarantee machinery, services and equipment are all maintained at regular intervals.

Triac Services offer a PPM service on Inverter Drives and Motors, which are designed to minimise partial or complete failure. A Triac Services PPM will minimise business interruption and prepare your business to avoid any costly breakdowns.

Instead of waiting for your equipment to breakdown and relying on costly “reactive” maintenance to resolve the issue, a PPM will act as a pre-emptive insurance policy.

A Triac Services PPM includes:


  • Static Tests: Connections, visual inspections of power components, dust and dirt cleaned out.
  • Dynamic Tests: Input and Output currents measured, program settings checked, fault memory checked, cooling fan(s) operating, display checked.


  • Static Tests: Motor terminal connections, mounting bolts, belts and pulleys, motor/fan bearings greased, and all surfaces cleaned.
  • Dynamic Tests: Vibrations noted, fan assembly noises noted and visual checks for any abnormalities.

All data acquired from a PPM will be recorded and presented to you in a full report with an individual detailed page for each system as well as a summary report highlighting any faults found and remedial work required.

With a PPM service plan you will also obtain Triac Services 24/7 call out facility for any emergency breakdowns and repairs.

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