Inverter Suppliers

We are able to offer inverter supply to many different businesses and can also provide maintenance for the inverters that we supply. Along with a range of newer inverters, we also stock and supply older inverters for repairs and spares.

Our versatile range of inverters makes us a great choice for those who want a supplier that can service and supply inverters for their newer and older systems. All of our systems come with a range of safety features that protect against overheating, overvoltage, input polarity reverse and overloading protection as standard.

Benefits of Inverters

Inverters have a range of different benefits, with the main one being their ability to adjust the energy usage to meet the exact requirements of each room in your building. With this brings much-improved heating and air conditioning efficiency, saving you time and money.

Other Benefits:

  • Quicker system turn on and better temperature control.
  • Lots of energy is saved through the precise temperature control, saving you money and saving the planet.
  • Long warranties and long product life spans.
  • Our very own servicing and repair.

Our Servicing & Repair

We offer a full, professional inverter maintenance and servicing service that covers all inverters, old or new. Our workshop facilities are fully equipped to repair and test any inverter motor drive.

We also have fully trained and experienced engineers, who are able to visit any site to carry out any urgent repairs you may need, or to carry out preventative maintenance.

So if you are looking for a company that can supply, fit, service, repair and maintain your inverters, look no further. Our tailored maintenance plans mean that you'll only ever pay for a package that is the perfect fit for your business, and your inverters will remain healthy and functional.

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