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As prices go up and the industry throws around such buzzwords as 'eco-green', 'energy saving' and 'environmental responsibility' it can be hard to keep on top of your game. Here at Triac Services, we want to do our best to help you reach the high eco standards placed on businesses in today's world. To get started, book a free Energy Audit today or contact us for more information on what we can do for you and the process we take to help make you and your business eco green and fulfil environmental responsibility standards as well as save money in the process.

If your building has pumps and fans direct online, connected via Soft-Starters or still utilising Star-Delta start-ups then we at Triac Services can assess your running times and motor power sizes and with this data we will complete a savings anaylsis with project cost of Inverter installations and your payback period.

Benefits of A Variable Speed Drive

  • Drives save ENERGY!
  • Variable torque loads such as fresh water pumps and cooling fans can benefit from HUGE energy savings.
  • On pumps and fans, Affinity Laws describe the relationship between speed and other variables.
  • The power-speed relationship is also referred to as the 'CUBE LAW'.
  • Controlling the flow by reducing the speed means that for a 20% reduction in speed can lead to a 50% reduction in power consumption and energy savings.
  • The latest ABB ACH580 range offers ENERGY OPTIMISATION settings in its program automatically adjusting on the fly to to maximise energy savings.
  • Pumps are often run at full speed, with the flow being controlled mechanically.
  • It is far more energy efficient to fit a drive enabing speed control of the motor.
  • Motors, their gearboxes and the equipment they are driving can be subjected to shock loads on initial start-up. A drive can provide a soft starting solution with extended ramp up times.
  • Drives can start loads that are already moving using a 'FLYING START' mode, even if they are rotating in the wrong direction (very useful for AHU fans 'windmilling' in the wrong direction before start-up).
  • Energy saving applications return on investments (ROI) on the purchase of a drive can be as quick as 6-24months, with the expected life of a drive being over 10years plus leads to substantial cost savings.
  • Large buildings such as OFFICE BLOCKS and HOSPITALS can consume huge amounts of energy through heating, cooling, lighting, plumbing etc.
  • With moves now afoot to reduce carbon footprints, they have the potential to reduce effects on climate change thus deaming DRIVES a very important factor within this field.
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