Triac's Lowestoft Rewinds Department

Our Lowestoft Rewind Department offer their professional services on motor repairs, rewinds and overhauls. They also hold a big stock of brand new AmTecs motors to suit your requirements.

We can supply from a range of aluminium, cast iron, high output, single phase, IP68 Submersible and brake motors at 0.75kW (AM1-IE3 80) – 315kW (AM1-IE3 355).

We specialise in electric motor maintenance and repairs, with considerable experience in this field. We deal with an abundance of clients and are well equipped for any electrical motor maintenance jobs, from TASC drive system maintenance to ABB, AmTecs, Dutchi, Brooks… motor repairs.

As with all servo motors, they need servicing and repairs occasionally to ensure they are working safely and effectively. We hold all spare parts for the motors on site, so if a situation occurs in which you need electric motor maintenance or repairs, we can respond immediately, with quality service and fast results.

Qualified Engineers

All our engineers are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience and knowledge, meaning that they are equipped to deal with any electric motor maintenance situation that occurs. As a result, you can be confident that our service is 1st class and simply cannot be beaten.

Motor PPM

Motors should always be inspected regularly to diagnose any problems ahead of time before they become critical. We carry out this regular electric motor PPM service based on how hard and how often your motors are being worked, which means that our maintenance service is personalised around you, to ensure that we keep your motors running smoothly 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Preventative motor maintenance is an effective way to minimise breakdowns. Please see our PPM (Link) section. An effective motor maintenance program boosts productivity, reduces unnecessary downtime, maximizes motor efficiency, and saves money.

Our Electric Motor PPM service can be performed out of hours at a convenient time to suit your business.

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