We Can Build Your Control Panel...

Triac Services are manufacturers of electrical control panels, which are used across a wide variety of industries. If you require any electrical control panels to be designed and built, we can do this for you.

We take pride in meeting our customer’s needs and can deliver any requirements needed for your
application. We provide a bespoke service and keep you fully up to date with your order progress.

  • Extremely high standard of workmanship
  • Full test documents and wiring diagrams are supplied with each application
  • Engineers available to install, maintain and commission your panel
  • You will receive full technical support

Control Systems Maintenance

At Triac Services, we know your systems mean the world to you and would hate anything to break. That's why we are able to offer a full and professional maintenance service for all types of control systems, no matter how many years old they may be. Using our advanced technology, are engineers can evaluate, fix and optimise your control systems quickly and efficiently. That's why we're still the first choice for many businesses!

Our engineers have the skills and experience to fully repair and test any control system. Our engineers are able to visit any site to carry out any urgent repairs you may need, or to carry out preventative maintenance on your control systems.

Control systems do need regular maintenance, servicing and monitoring to ensure that they are operating at their most efficient. 

Conditional Control Systems Maintenance and Servicing

Although your control system will have a range of factory set maintenance recommendations, these only account for the average use case scenario and do not offer the full protection required if your system is used more heavily than manufacturer expected. We offer conditional maintenance and servicing for your control system that revolves around the actual use of your exact system, which extends the life expectancy and longevity of key components by up to 54%.

Rest Easy Knowing You're Protected

As with the other services we offer, you can rest easy knowing that your systems are operating at their optimum system efficiency, and if a component does fail you are covered with emergency callout cover within 24 working hours. Even in the worst case scenario, you will have one of our trained expert engineers with you the next day guaranteed.

Flexible Contract Offerings

We know that many other maintenance services will offer contracts that you won't be able to make full use of, which is why we offer such a varying range of contracts so that you can get a solution from us that fits your requirements exactly. With this flexibility, we can satisfy your every need, whether that be a large corporate level contract or a small local business looking for systems maintenance, we're the right choice for you. 

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