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Industrial Refrigeration Maintenance

Like any mechanical system that exists, like your car engine or a plane, any industrial refrigeration units require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that they are running at maximum efficiency. Systems that are regularly maintained cost less to run, and have a hugely reduced chance of failure, which means you won't get any nasty bills when the entire system fails.

We specialise in refrigeration maintenance that is always close to home, with our engineers being on call 24/7, 365 days per year. This means that any immediate help required can be sent out with the utmost urgency, to get the work done. 

We have a range of different service plans that provide a viable solution to the inflated replacement cost of an entire system, with regular servicing being a much cheaper alternative, extending the life cycle of your refrigeration systems by as much as 300%. Lifetime maintenance costs are also halved, with issues being addressed earlier on in the cycle and health improvements being made consistently. 

Conditional Servicing and Maintenance

Although your refrigeration system has a maintenance and servicing plan, this plan cannot cater for every single usage scenario that it could be put through. We offer a conditional maintenance and servicing solution that revolves around the actual usage of your exact system. This extends the life expectancy of the components in your system, sometimes increasing longevity by over 50%. 

Complete Peace of Mind

With our services, you are safe in the knowledge that your systems are always operational, with a guaranteed emergency call out time of 1 working day, normally being significantly before the full working day. That means that in the worst situation, one of our trained technicians will be with you in the blink of an eye, minimising your downtime. 

Flexible Contracts

With Triac Services, you can choose from a huge range of different service contracts to ensure that our solution is the solution that fits your businesses requirements the most efficiently. We can satisfy a range of needs, from a smaller, local business to larger enterprises, we have the tools and resources needed to provide a seamless service to you. 


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