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Electric Motor Repair

Electric motors are one of the most likely things to cause an incident in any mechanical system, and these breakages can often lead to downtime, costly repairs and inconsistent quality, which can affect your companies bottom line. 

Many companies offer a repair or replacement service that can fix your electric motors when they go wrong, with most opting to replace a faulty motor with an identical specced one. We go further than this, we look into why your electric motor actually failed in the first place so we can identify how to stop it from failing again. 

We can recondition a motor to perform at a different specification that it originally delivered, and can reduce the chances of any mishaps occurring again. We also have a range of electric motors in stock, so that in the case of a motor being beyond economical repair, we can have a replacement with you at a moments notice. 

Carefree Confidence in Your System

With our services, you are in the hands of specialists with over 20 years' experience in the sector. This means that you can worry less about system reliability, and spend more time doing what you need to do. Our engineers are on call 24 hours a day and will be with you in the blink of an eye if something were to cause an issue with the system, which minimises downtime and improves turnaround times. 

Flexible Contract Choices

We offer a massive range of different contract choices that you can be sure you're fully catered for, regardless of your size or requirements. We regularly satisfy the requirements of large enterprises and SMB's, with a range of small local businesses included also. 

This range of business sizes and types meant that we had to adapt to different needs, and now we have the tools and resources required to manage any commercial heating system maintenance. 

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