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Triac Inverter MaintenanceElectric Inverter Maintenance

Triac Services are able to offer full and professional service for all inverter motor drive systems, whether new or many years old.

Our workshop facilities are fully equipped to repair and test any inverter motor drive. We also have fully trained and experienced engineers, who are able to visit any site to carry out any repairs you may need or to conduct preventative maintenance.

We can help all our clients by offering cost-effective repairs with a fast turnaround time, ensuring that your business is able to operate at maximum efficiency all year round.

Most manufacturers will tell you, the usual life of these components is 5 years. The lifetime is affected by the heat these pumps tend to generate. These components follow the 'Arrhenius' rule in which the lifetime is reduced by half when the temperature is increased by 10C. Therefore it is critical that pumps are serviced with a filter change every year.

Emergency Inverter Repair

We are one of the very scarce electric engineers that offer a 24 hour, 365 days per year repair service, which means that we can get your inverters fixed and back to you in almost unheard of time frames. As part of our unrivaled service, we also offer a full diagnosis service, where we detail every step we did to repair the inverter and investigate the reason for the failure to eliminate the issue from occurring again.

 Tailored Inverter Maintenance Plans 

Many of our competitors plan their maintenance schedules off of what the manufacturer recommends in the manual, but we go one step further and analyse the use of your inverters to ensure that the correct schedule can be set up. This means that, even if your inverter gets much heavier use than most, the plan we create for you will still keep the device healthy and efficient. 

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