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Still need to know if our products and services can fit into your business with ease?

To help you, we've included some case studies on how our products and services have helped many of our customers, to give you an in-depth insight into the situations in their business and how Triac Services have been able to help them fulfil a need or fix a problem. However, if you'd like to know more about how we can help your business and the way we operate when providing new products and services to other businesses in the industry, then please give us a call or send us an email and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Conveyor Belt

Problem: A small local food processing plant operates a one-speed conveyor belt system for their chilled products. Production staff occasionally...
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Conveyor Belt image

Failed Anti-Vibration Mounts (AVMs)

AHU Extract direct driven fan's AVMs sheared off.
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Failed Anti-Vibration Mounts (AVMs) image

Failed Primary Chilled Water Pumps

2 x Integrated Inverters failed, Triac Services Ambulance Inverter fitted.
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Failed Primary Chilled Water Pumps image

Motor Pump Maintenance

Leaky Pump seal replaced and motor bearings replaced.
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Motor Pump Maintenance image

Damaged Fan Belt Cage

Routine PPM service finds damaged fan belt guard.
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Damaged Fan Belt Cage image

Pump, Motor and Volute Change

Replacement of old failed motor/pump and volute.
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Pump, Motor and Volute Change image

Intelligent Pump Control (IPC)

3 x Failed Hydrovar Inverters replaced with 3 x ABB ACQ580s wall mounted.
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Intelligent Pump Control (IPC)  image

Retrofit Installation

Customer requested all inverters onsite to be replaced with brand new ABB ACH58s
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Retrofit Installation image

Relocation of Inaccessible ABB ACS310 Inverter

Inverter access issue resolved for our customer today.
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Relocation of Inaccessible ABB ACS310 Inverter  image

Danfoss VLT6102 75kW

Danfoss VLT6102 75kW repair job ready for Dynamic Load Test.
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Danfoss VLT6102 75kW image